COVID-19 Update

Sessions are still on. Photography is not a hands on activity, we are working outside and we are naturally spaced when working.

Sessions can be on your front porch, driveway or street, or any remote area. I shoot isolated places anyway so this shouldn't be a problem. We will still walk around the location to find many beautiful spots. I usually shoot at least 10 feet away from you anyway, so social distancing is normal for my business. The only time we get close is when I hand you the iPad to look through your images. The iPad will be cleaned before and after each use. There is no reason to be close. 

All transactions can be done through a link via text

Now that that's said. Phew...

On to the fun stuff!


Nandi_4Nandi_4 9-28-20 Luzhida_5 crop option9-28-20 Luzhida_5 crop optionLuzhida headshots | Portraits by Joy | Bold Futures Doodle Senior Photos_07Doodle Senior Photos_07Doodle's Senior Photos | Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque NM 2019 Sara_212019 Sara_21Senior Photography by Portraits by Joy 2020 Debbie_04102020 Debbie_0410

I am Joy Weisel, an available light photographer working on-location in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My sessions are not like studio sessions. The landscape is the background and the sun is my light.

I use locations all over Albuquerque with many beautiful landscapes. 

I use my homepage to show my recent sessions. Every image on there has been shot this year or last year.

I sell Digital Image Files and my time to make them.

Purchased images will be available for download here on my website in your album. I do not load un-purchased images online. All images sales are done in person via iPad.

Prints and products are available as an add on. Each digital album has an integrated store that is fulfilled by a 3rd party lab. 

Call me to schedule your session today. 


Phone & Text Hours - 9am to 6pm

Texting is fine for quick talk, but call me to schedule a session.

2017 Abi_242017 Abi_24Abi's Mermaid Cake Smash | Portraits by Joy 2019 Herrera _062019 Herrera _06 2019 Aleeza_062019 Aleeza_06Urban Family Portraits | Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque Portrait Photographer 2019 Dalis & Derek_082019 Dalis & Derek_08Couples Photography by Portraits by Joy 2019 Dalis & Derek_122019 Dalis & Derek_12Couples Photography by Portraits by Joy 2019 Aleeza_082019 Aleeza_08Urban Family Portraits | Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque Portrait Photographer 2018 Haile'_00112018 Haile'_00112019 Haile' Senior girl portrait session 2019 Herrera _082019 Herrera _08