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Sessions start at $100

for a 30 minute session, 30 minute image review & 5 digital images

You can purchase as many images as you want. The minimum is 5 and each image is $20 after that.

For example:

 20 Digital Images - $400

15 Digital Images - $300

10 Digital Images - $200

  6 Digital Images - $120

  5 Digital Images - $100 minimum


$50 Deposit is Due to Schedule Your Session. Call me at 363-3266.

The deposit is deducted from the total when you purchase the images and is

refundable if you don't like your images at review. I don't refund after this point.

For a group session, we choose one spot for everyone to have their photo taken. Then, if wanted, we take a group shot.

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Some companies purchase the minimum session for each of their employees. They allow them 2 headshots and 3 personal photos. Its a little for everyone. Some people prefer to get all 5 headshots.

I usually shoot wide and then crop the image for a headshot. Example below.

Nandi_3Nandi_3 Nandi_3 closeNandi_3 close 9-28-20 Luzhida_39-28-20 Luzhida_3Luzhida headshots | Portraits by Joy | Bold Futures 9-28-20 Luzhida_3 crop option9-28-20 Luzhida_3 crop optionLuzhida headshots | Portraits by Joy | Bold Futures

Business Headshots are the face of your company.

You want to show your professional side but you also want to show a bit of personality.

If you never smile with customers or clients, then I wouldn't suggest that you smile in your photo.

Acting and Modeling Heashots requirement change periodically, so it is best to find out what your agency requires or what the studios in your area want to see before we plan your session.

Headshots for individuals flow just like a portrait session.

Aleeza 2017_19Aleeza 2017_19Actress Headshot by Portraits by Joy Aleeza 2017_21Aleeza 2017_21Actress Headshot by Portraits by Joy Aleeza 2017_17Aleeza 2017_17Actress Headshot by Portraits by Joy

Aleeza 2017_22Aleeza 2017_22Actress Headshot by Portraits by Joy Aleeza 2017_18Aleeza 2017_18Actress Headshot by Portraits by Joy  

Some Detail Info:

1. Retouching is add on fee of $20 per item. I do develop the raw photos in to nice, color correct, straight, printable images.

2. I don't include print releases because they are not necessary unless the image has a logo on it.

You can print anywhere you want. 

3. You can order prints through me either here on my website inside your album.

Click the buy button and more options will pop up.

To order prints on the phone, click the link below to see Print Pricing and Available Products.

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If you're ready to schedule your session, call me to ensure your date and time are available before you make the deposit.

If we have to postpone due to weather, I only do so at the time of the session. Weather changes sooo fast here that its premature to do it any other way.


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