When you see your pictures on the iPad they will look good, but editing makes them better.

Purchased images will be edited for sharpness, color balance, straightening, and size.

Retouching is $20 per item, per image.

Examples of retouching are: eye circle eraser, arm shaping, background changes, acne removal, hair removal, color shift on clothing, textures, teeth adjustments, wrinkle removal in clothes and skin, eye touch up, skin smoothing, compositing faces also known as face swapping, etc. If you need something done, just talk to me. Small adjustments can be made so that you love your picture, but I need to be compensated for my time.

Below are some examples of how I edit images.

bfa franklinbfa franklin BFA LashawnBFA Lashawn bfa Haile 18bfa Haile 18 bfa sarabfa sara
bfa sara 2bfa sara 2

Images Below are Edited and Retouched

All of them were great before retouching. The retouching that was done just made the image a little bit prettier. If you have to search for what I retouched, then I did a good job. lol  It isn't always needed but some people prefer it.

If you want retouching after your session, just call me. I would be happy to help. 

bna Jayden 18bna Jayden 18
2018 Steven and Caleb2018 Steven and Caleb 2019 Marisa2019 Marisa BFA Christine 2BFA Christine 2 BFA Christine aBFA Christine a BFA ChristineBFA Christine bfa Dalis and Derekbfa Dalis and Derek bfa Reazin 18bfa Reazin 18

BFA Miriam & AaronBFA Miriam & Aaron bna Marisabna Marisa