Intimate Photography

Sultry, seductive, personal photos.

They can be photographed in private or in public. Can be fetish or glamour.

Buy yourself new lingerie. You will love how you look.

Available as:

Albums • Dog Tags • Wallet books • Magazine • Wall Art

In home, Outdoor, at a Hotel,

In his car on the Mesa, At the River

Anywhere you're comfortable.

1 hour session at the location of your choice.

These photos were taken in a home.

It can be done on your couch, kitchen sink or sliding back door. If your home is not an option then rent a hotel or borrow his car or use yours. You can add things to a truck bed like a blanket pile and fur pillows. We can drive to a secluded area of the bosque, mesa or mountains and shoot inside and around his car.

Buy a new lacy bra and panty set or teddy. If there are areas of your body that you don't like, cover them with the lingerie. Wear one of his shirts or jerseys with panties or boy shorts.

These sessions take more posing than standard portraits, in my opinion. Sexy poses aren't something that most of us do everyday, unless you're a burlesque dancer, so practice in the mirror for a few days before you come to see me.

While we are shooting I will help you recreate your "sexy eyes" and the looks you make with your lover when you're in the moment by using mental cues. I will say things like, "Remember the last time he kissed your neck or how he caresses your figure when he wants to be intimate."