Family Session FAQ's

What to wear - Your clothes, posture and attitude will set the tone for your session. You don't have to be in the same color, just the same style. That could be ripped jeans, tees and flip flops or a gown and tailored suit but if she is in a gown and he is in ripped jeans then he could look sloppy. If both are in ripped jeans and flip flops and have relaxed posture, then it will look relaxed. Logo tees are fine if you want urban images. I suggest new $5 pocket-less t-shirts from walmart. Clean, classic, simple.
 Look at these examples. 

2018 Piatt_192018 Piatt_19Piatt Family | Portraits by Joy 2018 Piatt_102018 Piatt_10Piatt Family | Portraits by Joy

Different clothing styles but both look great! Their styles match.

More examples. Below are two different colors of shirts but their styles, posture and emotion match. That is the key to good photos.

• Emotions, Persona - How you feel will come through in the picture. If everyone is happy then your images will be happy. If you are worried about your lumps and acne, it will show in your facal expressions. Start your session with snack and happy thoughts and your session will be much better. I tend to joke around a lot which adds to smiles. If you have kids... please leave hard discipline at home if you can. I too like disciplined kids but a happy kid will give you happy pictures. Play with them, bribe them, softly lie to them if need be. This is one hour. Life can go back to normal after the session. If they aren't feeling like sit and smile pictures, then don't force it, it will look forced. Allow your child to be themselves and the images will be great. Same goes for Husbands... lol Seriously though, don't overcorrect or dictate. No one wants disinterested expression in their photos. ASK them what they want, communicate what you want and compromise. If you send me example pictures, please also show these to your husband and kids. Many times they have no idea what we are doing. Clue them in so that they too are prepared.

• Clothing Changes - I suggest that you don't. It takes time away from your session and your collages could look eclectic instead of classic. Instead I suggest you use accessories like scarves, cardigans or jackets that you can start with and then remove them through the session. But you can change 40 times if you want to. ;)

• Quantity of People - My studio is in my home so I can only hold about 6 adults total indoor on a background. However, if you want pictures in your home with your home as the background, then the number of people doesn't matter.

• Locations - I have a long list of locations on my Locations and Style Page but basically I can take a picture pretty much anywhere that there is light. I use locations all over the city. I use the den in my home as a studio (I've done it for 10 years now) and I also take my studio set up to other people's homes. I have even set up on a driveway. What really matters is the type of picture that you want. If you don't know, then look through my portfolio and client galleries for ideas. Locations outside of Alb city limits do have a fee.

Please see my Session Info page. 

I don't offer snapshots only Artistic digitally enhanced Photography.


  Traditional In-Studio SessionTraditional In-Studio Session   2014 Valdez Family at Sunset Park in August2014 Valdez Family at Sunset Park in August