Fine ART Newborn FAQs

Theme & Style

 I use a system of 3 for newborns. 3 hour feeding window, 3 hour session, 3 types of pictures.

1. In/On a Prop(bucket, antlers, teacup, saddle)  2. Laying on fabric  3. Held by parents/sibling

The theme of the session changes with each client.

I suggest that people match their personal style and interests or the style of their nursery or living room.

I welcome moodboards and Pinterest collaboration after the session has been scheduled.

If you look through the internet and Pinterest, keep in mind that I can't do every photography style. Narrow your ideas to 2-3 types of images. And keep in mind that these are just guides, I'm not really recreating each image.

I can't do natural light for one image, studio lights for another and outdoor style for another. That is too much for the baby and for me.

Below is a Farmhouse Style Themed Session.

2019 Abigail Reazin_01352019 Abigail Reazin_0135Abigails Newborn Session | Portraits by Joy 2019 Abigail Reazin_00102019 Abigail Reazin_0010Abigails Newborn Session | Portraits by Joy 2019 Abigail Reazin_00572019 Abigail Reazin_0057Abigails Newborn Session | Portraits by Joy

Superhero Theme

2015_Logan Oliver372015_Logan Oliver37 2015_Logan Oliver122015_Logan Oliver12Logan's Superhero Newborn Session at Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque Maternity and Newborn Photographer 2015_Logan Oliver352015_Logan Oliver35Logan's Superhero Newborn Session at Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Country Pink and Camouflauge

Makenzie_0071 copy darkMakenzie_0071 copy darkSONY DSC Makenzie_0111Makenzie_0111SONY DSC Makenzie_0109Makenzie_0109SONY DSC

Feeding & Timing is Everything

Most sessions are at 10 or 11am. They last 3 hours. 

Plan to feed baby and get ready 3 hours ahead of our session time.

For example, if baby eats every 3 hours, and they wake at 7 am, they will be ready to eat again by 10am.  

Please don't feed at home and try to "top off" when you arrive to get them back to sleep. It is common to think that this helps but they will be overfull and uncomfortalbe and urp on everything.

Also, give yourself enough time to get ready.
Moms often want pictures with the baby but not of their own face because they didn't plan enough time to get themself ready.

If you're doing a nude session:

Please bring 5 extra diapers 

And use a Loose fitting diaper to prevent leg lines. Photoshop is a tool, not magic.

If you're doing a bloomer session or bucket session, the above is not necessary.


This is the workflow of a Newborn session:

• Feed and change baby by 7-7:30am, Prep family and self, Meet up at Joy's at 10am, Remove baby clothes add loose diaper, feed & burp baby

• Joy places baby on the prop and poses them. Joy lulls baby to sleep and takes as many pictures as possible on this set or background. Then, move baby to second background or prop. Change prop/bucket/background up to 3 times.

 Baby poops on someone or something and/or its time to clean up baby and look at pictures.

• Look at images on iPad. Choose favorites. Pay the session total. Head home. Joy continues to work on images.

• Joy calls when the prints are in to set up ordering/pick up appointment.

• Meet for the ordering session and pick your favorite products from the catalog.


Baby Comfort

If the baby can't handle what we are doing, it wont matter what we want. If you skip the steps above, you may not get the desired images.

Baby Age

Baby must be under 14-18 days old for some of the poses and props. 

Babies 3 weeks or older can do sleeping poses on blankets, in larger baskets and held but they may actually be awake for some poses. 

In the first 14 days after birth, babies still curl up like they are in the womb. After that, they start to stretch out and straighten. This is why newborn photographers consider a baby too old for newborn pictures after 14 days. Many photographers say "sorry, I can't help you" becasuse of this. I do offer older newborn photography but we are limited in poses and props.  

 The baby below was 6 days old.



This baby is 14 days old. She is still small enough to fit in the teacup.


This baby is 6 weeks old. She did a great job sleeping for most of the session but woke up half way through, so we chose moms hands for props.

Some moms really like baby to be awake for the session. I personally don't unless they have something to look at. This is a great example.

92379237SONY DSC 92229222SONY DSC


I don't have any assistants or employees, it's just me here. So when it comes to newborn sessions I rely on your help to keep the baby safe. If you can't help me because you've had a C-section or other injury, then I need Dad's help or another adult. If there is no assistant, I will only use props like baskets & buckets where the baby is contained and cannot fall or roll off. 

For images like the antlers, beds or teacups, I must have an assistant to protect the baby. I photoshop these people out of the photo. I take different shots and merge them in photoshop. Please understand that safety is very important. 

That is why I call this ART. It has to be created, it is not just real life captured in camera.


Newborn cowgirl in pink on a saddle   portraits-by-joy-newborn-photography-albuquerque-baby-newborn-boy-on-antlers

2015 Sena_08   2015 Sena_18   2015 Sena_04 fb

Siblings and Cousins

 • Siblings and Children - If you bring small children to the session, please have them ready to take their pictures first and then have someone take them for lunch or to a playground until the rest of the session is over. Many times husband and kids have no idea what the plan is for the session. Clue them in so that they too are prepared.

• Sibling age - Kids under 5 are too small to hold babies for pictures. I usually put baby in a prop and then have big sibling hug or kiss them, or I lay them all on the ground and shoot down. 

This little guy took one or two great pictures with his sister. The rest were face squishes and accidental elbows. Be prepared to not get any of them together and looking the wanted direction. And Yes, I can photoshop some things...not everything. Don't rely on Photoshop to fix it. If your only goal is sibling images, it will take timing, planning, patience and bribery.  :} We might even have to try again on a different day.

2015 Jessica_14   2015 Jessica_11

These boys were very experienced at holding their new baby sisters. They are both old enough and strong enough to hold and pose the baby.

2014 Natalie Rose_0059   2015 Sena_01

Please don't bring any extra people to the session that don't need to be here. Remember that this is my home and our goal is photography, not entertainment. If I am worried about someone eating on my beige couch, then I'm not focused on your baby. Only bring people that will be helping with the session. 


What to Wear 

• If you plan to be in the pictures with your baby, I suggest new $5 pocket-less t-shirts from Walmart. They are Clean, classic, & simple. I prefer black but any color could be used, long or short sleeved. No logos or patterns.

• Yes, I can photoshop but I'm not going to spend 20 hours to photoshop out a logo from every image unless I'm being paid for it.

2015_Logan Oliver32   9191   Family pic  

• Limit clothing patterns. If we have a solid background, then patterned wraps or clothes are ok BUT the human eye sees color first, then contrast, then details. A solid shirt allows the focus to be on the baby's face.

For example, look at the images above. Which one do you look at first. Probably the one in colour. Look at the pictures above of the brothers hold babies. When looking at those images, which one lets you see the baby's face first? Probably the one in pink. You probably looked at pink baby then striped shirt. 


Bring Extra Clothes

Messes happen. It happens every session. Just plan for it. 

Bring extra clothes for everyone, like 3 sets, just in case.

Bring 10 extra diapers and an extra bag of wipes. We will use a loose diaper under the bum while we change poses and sometimes they poo on that diaper.

If baby poops on you, I will keep shooting. Why? Because perfect shots happen just before or after the mess. And because when they're done, they will be hungry and we have to stop to feed. Sometimes stopping wakes up the baby and they dont go back to sleep. Usually, poop means that everyone is done, end of session.

morgan poop bfamorgan poop bfa



 • I can take a picture pretty much anywhere that there is light. I use the den in my home as a studio and I also take my studio set up to other people's homes. What really matters is the type of picture that you want.

• I usually go to a clients home if mom has had a Csec. Usually mom cant even hold baby yet and adding a session to dads work load is too hard. So, I go to you. But do remember I only work in Alb city limits.

Below is a image that I shot on the clients king size bed. We even used their sheets for a backdrop. Beds have tons of working room.

DSC08591DSC08591SONY DSC Black and White TutuBlack and White TutuSONY DSC


Flash .. ah..ah.. (Haha!)

• My style is done with flash photography unless we go outside. 

• Sessions can be done outdoor. It is season specific.


What is included in 1 Custom Set?

• I make custom sets with this package. That means that I create a set specific to your theme, instead of using whatever props are on hand. That could be something as elaborate as Batman Cityscape or as simple as Farmhouse.

 Talk with me about what you'd like to see. I will tell you if your idea is in budget or will incur a fee.

2015_Logan Oliver39fb2015_Logan Oliver39fb 2015_Logan Oliver072015_Logan Oliver07Logan's Superhero Newborn Session at Portraits by Joy | Albuquerque Maternity and Newborn Photographer
2014 Natalie Rose_0090 cream2014 Natalie Rose_0090 creamNewborn Natalie in cream fur by Portraits by Joy an Albuquerque newborn photographer.


Plan for growth

Use the same prop year after year and whatch how it shrinks. 

Allison growthAllison growth

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All Sessions are By Appointment Only.

Please Call Me First to make sure the time you want is available.

To schedule your session, Call Joy at 505-363-3266


Studio Info 

A $100 Deposit is required to schedule a session with the remainder due at the session.