Fine Art Maternity

Great for the mom to be that wants gorgeous wall Art to commemorate her pregnancy.

Where is your studio?

I don't keep a studio.

Our session is in your home. Most living rooms have enough space to get the job done.

I only need about 6ft x 10ft of floor space. Just enough for a backdrop, 2 light tripods and room to step away from you for a better shot.

Look at the image below. It is a pullback shot of one of the sessions above.

What backgrounds are available?

Black, Grey, Cream or White Paper

(White is only white if you have lots of natural light in your home, otherwise the white will show up grey)

What to wear

• Maternity dress

• Formal maternity dress

• Flouncy tulle dress

• Cloth drape

• Nude

• Semi nude - panty/boy short, crop top or bra

• Simulated nude - fabric flowers over panty or chest or fabric draped over areas to appear nude

• I bring a backdrops, cloths, suitcase of dresses, crowns and robes

• If you want photos of day wear clothing, please choose a outdoor maternity session.

When to shoot

Sessions are in the mid morning 10-12am. They are two hours long.

Between 32-36 weeks gestation.

It's a guessing game really. You want to be round enough to look pregnant but not so round that you're puffy and uncomfortable and cant pose.

36-38 weeks your hips loosen and it can be uncomfortable to sit in certain positions or lay on a floor.

. . .

Speaking from experience, ask your female relatives how their pregnancies went. Yours should be similar. If they have babies early, don't wait until 38 weeks to do your session.

If you can do a prefect time, shoot for 36 weeks.

If you are having twins, 32-34 weeks is probably best.

If you're "fluffy" before pregnancy, wait 36-38 weeks will give you more roundness to show.


"I was nervous at first, but you make it so easy to relax. It was more work than I realized, but totally worth it." - Jen

It is very glamorous to have large printed gorgeous photography on your walls, but it does take work.

You're posing and you're very pregnant and tired, so we need time to relax and feel special and allow that pregnancy glow to do its job.



Fine Art Session

What makes this style special?

• The privacy of your home and that feeling of safety.

• You don't have to pack, its all there.

• Consistent clean, classy, glamorous style.

• Backdrop in Grey, Black, Creme or White*

• Studio suitcase of maternity dresses, flower crowns, crop tops, & others

• Studio drape cloths: satin, lace, organza, and tulle

• Floor drops in dark wood, white wood or rustic brown wood, roses, and monster furs.

*White backgrounds will appear light grey or have lighting dropoff unless your home has an abundance of bright available light. I do not offer high key photography.

*Additional digital images available for $20 each.

Whats included with purchase?

Every package comes with:

• 2 hour Session

• 5 Digital images*

• USB of digital Images

• Phone app of your digital gallery

• Built in store to purchase other products or share the link with friends and family.

*Minimum number of images per session is 5. Each image is $40.

Packages are set up with this minimum. You can purchase more on the day of the session when you choose your favorites after the session.

Directly after we shoot the session, I load the images on the iPad and you choose your favorites as is, then they are edited and delivered.

Head Hunting - Trade for Modeling

I have not done a few styles of maternity that I would love to offer.

We will have a contract and anything that I use for marketing (my choices) will be yours for free in the form of a digital image on USB...I might even sweeten the deal with prints or a canvas or another agreed upon item.. shoot maybe even newborn photos.. lets make a deal.

• Lingerie Maternity - fetish for some

• Milk Bath - in your bathtub, with milkwater and pretty stuff

• Totally Nude*

*I have done nude, I just haven't had anyone that will let me show their nakedness publicly. I need to be able to show my work and I would really like to do this style more. So I need a brave mommy that will allow me to show her body publicly. All tasteful, I promise. You wont have to shy away if your dad sees them. My goal is art, form, line, and tone.