Frequently Asked Questions and Studio Details

  1. Retouching- Retouching is not included in the image price. "Photoshopping" is $20 per image. Every purchased photo will receive basic photo adjustments for color, saturation, sharpening, brightness, and density. Add on "photoshopping" would be items like acne removal, teeth whitening, hair moving, body shaping, distraction removal, smile altering, ear lowering, dark eye circle removal, butt lifts, breast shaping, etc...
  2. Marketing-  Every session and all purchased images will be used for personal marketing. If you don't want to be online or used for business marketing purposes, please hire another photographer.
  3. Why arent you doing studio photography anymore? - There are a few reasons. Studio equipment is expensive, it takes twice as much effort as natural light, but the biggest reason is that I wasn't being hired for studio photography. 90% of clients hired me for on-location photography. I really only needed a studio for newborns, nude art and bad weather.
  4. Can I order professional quality prints and products from you? - Yes! My website is partnered with a professional lab that ships directly to you. When I send you the link to your digital album, you can click the buy button and purchase canvas, prints, metal, cards, phone cases, etc... they have great customer service and fast shipping. They have gorgeoous frames and matts and other beautiful produts to make your photographs shine!