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Canvas Detail

Mounted canvas not stretched. Firm durable. Cleans easily with a damp cloth. Has UV coating to maintain color for years even in direct sunlight.

Detail of canvas texture and printing

Comparison of a mounted finished canvas vs a traditional stretched canvas.

Canvas detail of black and white printing

Sides are solid color that blends with the photo. Can be custom color, wrapped image or blured.


I'm not finding the product that I'm looking for. What else do you have?

I have a whole catalog that you can order from if you want smaller products like dog tags or ornaments or large items like 30x40 canvases.
Try looking at the client gallery shop. Go into someones gallery and pretend to buy an image. Click through the products to learn more. You can go all the way through the process before you have to share your plastic numbers.
The products in these packages are just the most popular and user friendly.

Do I have to order prints through you?

YES! well... No.
Covid is over. My digital only packages were available to reduce face to face time. That life experience is over. I don't want to sell digitals that sit in a drawer.
I want you to have wall art and family gifts.
I can offer you professional quality prints and grouping sizes that you can't purchase on your own and I can manipulate the photos to fit different aspect ratios. I can add background or change colors or swap faces. Why do all that work for it to sit in a drawer? Print print print print print print print

Describe your photography style.

My photography style could be described as close and colorful or as graphic art or fine art. It certainly isn't traditional. I hope that it is always interesting.
I don't take many full body shots unless you want a specific style. Most of my shooting style is the same for headshots, seniors, maternity and families, which is knees up, waist up and close to the face. I also like to put three layers in photos; foreground, subject and background.
I shoot with available light outside. The location tells me the time of day to shoot there. Most of the photos you see on the website are shot during sunset sessions, which are 1 1/2 before sunset.
My editing style is heavy blacks with full color. I push that saturation slider up as far as it will go and then I pull back to where you don't look like an alien.
If I overdo it, let me know. Most of my clients LOVE that I overdo it.
Conversely, I like dramatic, heavy contrast black and whites. That doesn't mean lower saturation to zero. That means that when I develop the raw image, I am toning it specifically for black and white before I create the "picture" or jpg.
My photography is almost like looking at graphic art sometimes; lots of contrast, lots of color, not always tack sharp. I really want most of my photographs to be non standard. Every person with a finger can shoot photography. This is the way I do it.
There are 300-500 photographers in Albuquerque. Make sure you hire me because you love my style, not just because I sell photography. We will both be happier with the end result.



I had a big slap of reality from my daughter when she told me that trash bags are the only thing you buy specifically to throw away.

I was mortified

That sentence really hit home for me.

I don't live a zero waste lifestyle. It's just not possible for me in current society. BUT -

My packaging is minimized as much as possible to ensure that your product gets from the printer, to me, to you, and to your wall in one piece.

I love flashy custom logo printed things as much as everyone else, but I LOVE MY PLANET MORE.

So, I try to use the least amount of "waiting to be thrown away" packaging possible while still offering a beautiful product.

What you wont see is fluff or much plastic. I try to use paper as minimally as possible. If you would like ZERO packaging, I will only include necessary for protection. No bags, bows or boxes, just one cellophane protector with rigid mat board behind it. I will also reuse any packaging that you have from previous sessions. I might even turn that into a packaging credit in the form of free prints or something else... maybe 10% off your package... I'm spit balling, but I love that idea. If you do too, hit me up.

All of my packaging can be used as 'previous session photo storage' or for re-gifting. I have been trying to keep my logo off my bags and boxes so that you can reuse them.

Photography has a lot of percieved value because it is a luxury product. I sell beauty. Know that my value also lays in eco-reusable-or-absent packaging.