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Elena Gallegos

November grasses are yellow and the pink in the mountain is softer.

September wet season so the grass is greener and the Sanidas are watermelon pink.

Cloudy Day and Low Tone Processing. The sunset is what gives the mountain its color. If the day is cloudy and after the sun goes down, the mountains are blue.

This session was photographed on a sunny day 20 minutes before sunset. Timing is everything for this location. The pink in the mountains only happens for 10 minutes before sunset.

Tingley beach

Fall colors happen the last two weeks of October.

Tingley has a wide array of vegetation. I love this area with cacti and yuccas.

Tingley in Summer. Very green

There are also many ponds and bridges for various looks. I shoot 90% of my photos here.

Beautiful orange and yellow fall colors.

This is the cafe/ train station.

The far North side of Tingley is filled with cactus, sunflowers, bolders and train tracks.

This was shot at one of the back ponds.

Old town

His mom requested this space specifically. She loves the papel picado.

This location has lots of color, colored doors, red bricks, chile ristras, Spanish and Native heritage, and older dark woods.

It is always open and decorated for tourists.

Vibrant colors


This is the place for industrial photography. The graphiti is always changing, but this staircase is orginal and one of my favorites.

There is so much color downtown and everyone is happy and classic cars love to get in pictures with you. There was no way I could show just one of this session.

This is the same alley as the black and white family photo and the colorful family in the middle with graffiti. That is one of my favorite reasons to shoot there. It has so many options.

This is up the road a little at 3rd and Marquette. This area is like Tingley, I could load hundreds of industrial style images from downtown.

One off - Personal Locations/ Personal Property

Headshot shot session at home on her back porch.

Photographed around their home

Out on the mesa

Her stable happened to be the stable of a friend of mine and I had shot there before. Guadalupe Stables. Close to Coors and Alameda

Bachechi open space

Very green during the summer and very brown during the winter.

The asters bloom in September. There is a kiack drop, bridge and a view of the mountains here. You can also get in the water here for a water or beach look.

Green and hot in August

This side of Bachechi is closest to Rio Grande, near the visitor center. There is a bridge, a small rose garden and a grass area.

Unm Campus

Unm golf course

This location comes with a golf ball hazard, however, I don't see golfers that much. The area that I use is all the way in the back by Indian School road.

I like this area because the sun is blocked by trees and hills and the grass is always green.

We got some really beautiful images here.

Rose garden

This is my daughter when we were scouting locations.

She is a dress she bought and she made her flower crown with real flowers.

The rose society built this climber and I'm very excited for it to be completely covered.

The downside to this location is that it is seasonal. It looks best in May when all the roses are new.