Newborn Photography

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Gorgeous Newborn Wall Art of Your Baby

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Newborn photography is done when babies are 7-21 days old

Schedule your session for one week after your due date. We will adjust the actual date for one week after baby is born.

We do it at this age because they are very poseable and very sleepy. They sleep through almost anything.


Is your baby already older than 8 weeks?

We can still get beautiful pictures, no stress. They just might be awake and not pose the way we want.

The baby below was two months old.


This little one is 8 weeks old. She slept for half of her photos and was awake for the the rest. I have some parents that prefer their baby awake. This is what that looks like.

In-Home Sessions

I go to you your house and setup a little set in your living room, kitchen, den or bedroom.

I do one newborn session a day but it is in between outdoor sessions.

I can wear a mask if you want and you're welcome to smudge me and my gear before enter.

I do touch and hold the baby a lot during these sessions; I am very hands on.

I've had three of my own and handled hundreds of babies over the years.

I usually give new parents lessons on how to safely grasp and hold babies, because I have found that some new parents biggest fear is hurting or dropping their baby.

All of my props are cleaned between each session.

If I feel ill or like I have been compromised, I will let you know as soon as possible. Please do the same for me and other clients.

If you are feeling ill, we can reschedule. It is not the end of the world to wait. It will be fine.

Choose from 4 Standard Styles or Create Something Custom

Black and White


Traditional | Dark Industrial

Primary | Solid | Neutral

Custom Sets

Custom sets can be created if you want a specific theme.

Each custom set is $50-$100 depending on the labor needed to create it and cost of goods.

Ask me for a quote.

You can also gather the items on your own.

Call me to find out what all you need and see how I can help you create your look.

No worries, you're home.

Behind the Scenes

Wondering about space? How does this work? Click here to learn more.

Newborn Session Details

Not sure if you have enough space?

Facetime, zoom, message or whatever me and I will take a look and let you know if the space will work.

Baby age?

• 7-21 days old. Seven days gives the baby's head time to round out. It doesn't matter if they are early or late. What matters is time out of womb. During this time they sleep a lot and they curl into pretty much any pose.

• If they are already older than that, it's fine. We can still take adorable photos but they might be awake for the session, they may not fit in some props and might not pose how we want. (At least three of the example photo babies were older than one month. One was a preemie.)

• Plan ahead. Most newborn sessions are planned before they're born. Schedule the session for one week after your due date. It can move as needed.

FYI: It is important to know that babies don't always fit into the props we want them to. Every baby is different; some are 4 pounds and some are 10. We have to flow with the limitations and try something else. If I forget to ask, please tell me what size your baby is.

What do you bring

I bring color coordinated sets with backdrops, floordrops, swaddling fabrics, custom props, and prop clothing like bloomers, yarn shoes, headbands and jewelry. What I bring is based on the consultation phone call that we have. I also bring gear beanbag poser, four tripods with lights, a disc space heater so baby is toasty and camera gear.

When you purchase a session, I will call you so we can plan the session. Some things I need to know are:

• color theme - what color and style interests you

• if you want a custom theme

• who will be in the photos

• if anyone has physical limitations that I need to aware of for posing (like C-sec, recent knee surgery, fused spine, wheelchair, etc.)

What do I need to have at home?

• Have extra diapers, wipes, towels for accidents, a burp cloths for saliva and mouth wetness, a pacifier (I didn't use one with my second daughter, so I understand reluctance. This is just for two hours to get baby to settle into poses, then it comes out. We can't pick them up and calm them like normal during the session), personal props like boots, booties, blankets, bonnets, or other items of sentiment that you want photographed, out and ready to go.

• For me, I just need an area the size of a couch to set up a backdrop, floordrop and some lights. I don't need a vacuumed rug or all your your dishes clean. I really don't care about all of that. My goal is space for pictures, enough ambient light to get sharp photos and that you're happy and loving the photos of your baby.

I was raised by a hoarder, I promise, your house looks Amazing.