Senior Sessioin Frequently Asked Questions:

• What to wear - Wear what you would wear if you were going out do dinner or on a date with you bf or gf. Look good. Show your personality. You could wear what you plan on wearing on graduation day? or something totally different.

• Props - I don't keep number props or "standard" senior props. No one really wants that anymore anyway. So instead I suggest personalized props. Are you a lifeguard or a guitarist? Use these items as a prop.
Get a theme going. What represents you as a person? There aren't many seniors that want generic year props. Customize your session with signs, colors, clothes, locations, pets, letterman jackets, etc...

• Studio or Location - I use a In-Home Studio and many locations around Albuquerque. Most seniors want outdoor images because it shows their personality. I can do a mix of indoor and outdoor if needed. Some people need or want one or two traditional cap and gown headshots. Some already got that from school and just want personality style images. I can do both. And I can do both on location. My studio photography is flash only. I only do natural light photography outside.
Cap n Gown_0136Cap n Gown_0136 Cap n Gown_0035Cap n Gown_0035

• Emotions & Attitude - How you feel will show in your expressions and poses. If everyone is happy then your images will be happy. If you are worried about your lumps and acne, it will show in your facial expressions. Start your session with snack and happy thoughts and your session will be much better.

• Parents - If you are a parent reading this... please leave hardcore discipline/opinions at home if you can. Happy kids will give you happy pictures. If they aren't feeling like taking sit and smile pictures, then don't force it. It will look forced. Allow your child to be themselves and the images will be great. Don't overcorrect or dictate, just communicate. Ask them what they want, communicate what you want and compromise.

I tend to joke around a lot which adds to smiles.

• Planning - If you send me example pictures, please also show these to your senior. Many times when more than one person is invloved in the planning, the other, parent/senior has no idea what's going on. Clue them in so that they too are prepared. 


• Sexy or Classy - This can be a fine line for girls and parents. Some girls want to look more adult but parents are used to them looking young. Clothes, posture and attitude will set the tone for your session.
I like to take a mix of images so that there is something for everyone. 

Ruth_0083Ruth_0083SONY DSC Ruth_0272Ruth_0272SONY DSC

• Clothing Changes - I suggest that you don't but you are welcome to change as often as you want in the amount of time that we have together. My feeling is that it takes time away from your session and your collages could look eclectic instead of classic. I suggest using accessories like scarves, cardigans or jackets that you can start with and then remove them through the session. But you can change 40 times if you want to. ;)

• Quantity of People - Most senior sessions are just about them but some people like to add siblings, parents or grandparents in a few. I'm fine with that. The only limitation to your session is time with me and quantity of images. I do suggest that you limit your entourage to only necessary people. When you have other people there, it will distract your eye. Instead of looking at the lens, you'll be looking at them or worried what they think about how you look. Just avoid the problem and don't bring extra people.

• Senior/Family Session - Some senior sessions function much like a family session. I've done half senior and half family sessions in the past. Some seniors don't have a strong intrest yet or simply don't want pictures of it or there's no way to photograph it. And some seniors don't want pictures period and getting 2 shots is a compromise.

• Locations - I prefer Urban Industrial settings with old pipes, industrial doors, concrete and graffitti. I consider myself an urban grunge photographer BUT I have many requests for traditional style photography.

I have a long list of locations on my Session Info Page but basically I can take a picture pretty much anywhere, I have even set up my lights and backdrop on a driveway. No one can tell the difference between that image, my studio work or a set up in a client living room. 
and if you don't know, then look through client images. It will show you all the locations that I have used.
I have spots all over the city but all you need to tell me is what style of image you want and we will go somewhere like that

that there is light. If you want my suggestion,

I use locations all over the city. I use the den in my home as a studio (I've done it for 10 years now) and I also take my studio set up to other people's homes. . What really matters is the type of picture that you want. If you don't know, then look through my portfolio and client galleries for ideas. Locations outside of Alb city limits do have a fee. Please see my Session Info page. 

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