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Most Asked Question


The most frequent question that I am asked is if I charge for clothing changes. No, I don't charge for clothing changes.

However, we are shooting on location and there is no changing room.

I suggest accessorizing instead. Either start with them on and take them off through the session, or do the opposite.

Example - Jackets, necklaces, hand held items, hobby items, letterman, cap and gown, family heirloom items, etc.



Portrait sessions include:

  • 60 minute photography session outdoor on location
  • 30 minute image selection after the session at the location
  • Package products
  • 30 minute pick up appointment
  • USB of digital images
  • Online gallery that includes:
  • a phone app of your photos! (I love this)
  • personalized links for sharing online or text
  • social links that link directly to your gallery
  • a professional print store

You can add on to your package with individually priced prints and products at the session.

Ready to book a session?


Where do we take the photos?

The location is your choice. I don't keep a studio, I use the beauty of Albuquerque as a backdrop. When we meet at the location, we walk around a lot and use different areas for different looks. Look through my client galleries and you will see what I mean. There are lots of options at one location.

The other option is to look around my website and find something you like. Take a screenshot and text me. I can tell you where they were done and how it would be best to use that location.

What time of day are your sessions?

Session are Wednesday - Sunday
9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm & Sunset

2 BONUS 8x10 prints and digitals for booking a 9AM Weekday session.

What is a typical session like?

• You purchase a package.
• Select a date
• Select a location.
• I call you to confirm details
• We meet and walk around the location and take photos. As we shoot, I show you the back of the camera so you can see what the images look like. You can give me direction as to what you like and don't like. We do this until you have a set of pictures that you like.
• We find a place to sit and you review the images on my iPad.
• You select images to complete your package and purchase more if interested.
• Pay package total.
• We head home
• I develop the purchased images in to gorgeous portraits.
• Within seven business days, I load the digitals into a gallery, create an app just for you, and send the link via text or email
• You look them over and let me know if any changes are needed and I order the products.
• I text you when everything is ready for pickup.

All physical products purchased will be picked up from my home near the Big I or we can meet at Starbucks on Menaul and Carlisle.
That completes the session. Length of time is one to two weeks.

Do you have props?

Hell Yeah! People give me verbal props all the time! Thank you for asking.

Oh!... You meant things to pose with. 0.0
Well, that answer is sometimes... but usually no. I will bring stools or buckets or other items if we are shooting a group. I need them for posing. Group sessions are usually shot in one spot, just like a studio session. We use the session time changing the groupings instead of backgrounds.
For singles or small families, I only bring my camera and exuberant personality. Most locations have things to sit on and pose on. We move around a lot so props aren't necessary to get different looks.
I do request ground sitting near the end of the session, and its only if you are interested. Its all your choice.

Look through my photos and tell me what props you see. They are mostly in kids photos: balloons, fishing stuff, tutus, lettermans, maternity dresses, basketballs, etc.
All the other props are vegetation like grass, flowers, trees, mountains, and clouds.

I like the package but I want more than that. How does that work?

Choose a package that has everything that you want and purchase the add ons at the session.
For example, you want party invitations or graduation announcements or an 8x10 framed print to give to your mom. You purchase those separately at the session. I have a full catalog for you to browse through.

Additional Info:
Please note, I only display purchased images in your online gallery.

You can buy more digitals and products after the session is complete. If later you realize you really wanted another photo and didn't get it, then call me. We can meet up, get some coffee and take care of that. I don't suddenly delete all the photos you didn't buy when the session is complete.

If down the road you just want more professional products, like large framed prints, check out the store connected to your gallery. I don't delete galleries until I run out of storage.

If you haven't made a purchase yet and you're curious to see what's available, check out the example session in my client galleries. Click on an image and click buy. You will see all the printing formats and pricing.

Do you have a studio?

No, I do all my photography work outside on location or at your home. I do use a home office, where you can pick up your prints or we can meet at Starbucks on Carlisle and Menaul.

Does your child refuse photos?

I do hear this sometimes. I know the struggle of trying to get photos of just one kid that is shy and introverted. I suggest making a family session so that the focus is not just on them. Make sure you tell me the situation. I will take photos of everyone, and a few single shots of every one. This will take some of the pressure off.
Another tactic is for me and the senior to step away from the parents. Some kids have performance anxiety with parents there and so they shine when that pressure lifts. I try to do a mix of this. I am very personable. (If I do say so myself. lol ) I like to chat and get to know people. I like to learn about their interests. People let their guard down when they talk about things they love. They become happy and smile more. =D

Another way to interest them is to bring a friend, Aunt or cousin that will encourage them.
We can also use a location that they are comfortable in. Everyone loves something. It could even be a restaurant or movie theater. Great photos can happen anywhere.

Combined Indoor & Outdoor Senior Session

This session style is something that I stopped offering in 2015, but it's back!

These photos were all shot at their home and surrounding neighborhood.

This is a two hour session and an additional $100 to any package you choose. Payment is due at the session, along with the second half of the package price.

This is a combination of studio style portraits, outdoor portraits and lifestyle (photos of you in life) photography.

This session was shot on her grandmas driveway. I set up a backdrop stand in the shade and used natural lighting.

If you look close, at the catchlights in her eyes, you can see the sun filled concrete driveway.

Headhunting Sessions

Pictures for modeling


I still have not ever had the opportunity to shoot a Balloon Fiesta Family Portrait Session. I realllllly want to. So if you're interested in getting dressed up to take early morning balloon portraits, call me. You will receive a digital of any photo that I use from the session.


Unpurchased images do not go online. Only purchased images will be added to your digital gallery.

If you would like to purchase more digital images from a previous session, please contact me for a purchasing session. 505-363-3266

I do not keep a studio, I work from home. We will meet at a coffee shop, your home or my home and we will go through the images on the iPad just like after the session.

If needed, I do offer payment plans that function like "lay-away". Ask for details.

I do not ship products. Prints and product are custom orders which means that all sales are final. Please be sure of your purchase before you make it.

Image approval is done after the session when you choose your images for purchase.