Session Information

• I am available by phone, text or email from 9am-6pm, Monday - Saturday.

• Appointments are taken by phone 363-3266. 

• Texts are fine for short info but not for scheduling sessions. 

Payment  & Schedule:
$50 Deposit is due without tax to schedule your session. The deposit is put toward your balance with tax included at the final sale.

• I accept Debit cards, Credit cards, Square gift cards, PBJ Gift Certificates and Cash. If you would like to do cash, just let me know at the time of scheduling so the amount can be adjusted to an even dollar. I don't carry cash and cannot make change. 

• I take payment over the phone or online via 

• I don't hold your session time until a deposit is made.

Purchase Guarantee
• After the session, we will look through the images on my iPad, where you can purchase your favorites. If you don't like the images during review, you can ask for a deposit refund. I do not refund any purchases after the digital images, digital gallery link or digital files have been sent.
When the transaction is complete, I will take the images home, make basic corrections to them if needed, resize them, and load them to my website. This can take up to 7 days. 

• If you are more than 30 minutes late to our appoinment at the aggreed upon date and time and you have not contacted me to let me know that you are running late or stuck in traffic, then I will not refund your deposit.

Digital Image Files

• Digital images are presented [email protected] (8"x12") 
• Raw files are for sale at $150 each. Copyright to an image is $1500 per image.

•Cropping is done by the client when prints are ordered. I don't crop images. 

Security & Website
• I guarantee to keep the images for 365 days after the session.  
• Web based digital images and albums are offered as a courtesy to clients, to easily share images with family and friends and so they can order professional prints from professional labs online. There is no guarantee that .  images will remain online.  
• I do not load any unpurchased images online. If you want to purchase more images after the first sale, I will meet you somewhere with my iPad. We can at a local drink shop, library, your home, bus stop, parking lot, etc.... I will bring the images loaded on my iPad for you to review, just like the first time.