Free with Session Purchase

Start with a space that you want to decorate

Take a cell phone photo and text it to me, full size. Make sure you add background so that you and I can see proportions of items in your home.

I use things like light switches and lamps as rulers because they have standard sizes. Did you know that an outlet cover is usually 2.75 inches wide? lol

I have tons and tons of gallery wall options but your preferences help narrow it down. I also suggest that you go through google images or pinterest and pick out wall groups that you like. I can add things like monograms, shelves, sconces, candles and other items if you want more than photos.

This service is only free if you have already purchased a session of images.

If you just want help decorating your walls or reorganizing your space without a photo session, my design fee is $50 per 5 Designs.

I can change paint color, move couches, add curtains and more, but just keep in mind that these are concepts built around a cell phone pic.

This is not a home remodeling service lol with design drafting. This is just a mood board for look and feel of home decor.

Client Examples