This is a list of my commonly used locations. You can choose one of these or chose a location of your own.

Each location has a good time of year and good time of day to shoot there. Most sessions are shot about an hour before sunset, some are shot 20 minutes before sunset and some are shot in the middle of the day. Some locations are only available two months out of the year. This is where being a professional comes into play and knowing your subject. I have a formula to make my photos look this way. Choose a location and then talk to me about when.

Rose Garden at the Tony Hillerman Library Menaul and Wyoming

Elena Gallegos Open Space near Tramway and Spain

6th and Central - the cars stop for photos. Children can only be in these photos if they are old enough to follow directions in order to be safe.

Pat Hurley Park at Central and Yucca SW side

UNM Golf Course University and Indian School

University of New Mexico @ Lomas and University

5th & Central Alley (This location is used A LOT by photographers and the grafiti changes constantly)

Tingley Beach - Most of my sessions are captured here and every single session turns out differently. Plants grow, trails change...

Erna Ferguson Library (one of the only red brick locations sutible for Ninja Turtles themed cake smash)

Bachechi Open Space North Side @ Coors and Alameda This location has a kiack drop where you can get in the water and have the Sandias in the background.

Old Town - Another busy area with many different looks for photography. Always decorated and open.

Tingley Beach @ Central and Tingley Beach Drive at the river

Rose Garden

Location Scouting

Below you'll see my daughter Jasmine at the Rose garden when we were doing some location scouting in 2017. She's a champ, always willing to ride along and pose. Fast forward to 2019, I used this location for Christines maternity session. It turned out so lovely. This is her dress and the she made her flower crown. These are still some of my favorite photos.

Location Scouting at UNM

I took my daughter Jessica location scouting at UNM, around 2018 or 19 maybe?, and this was one of the areas that I love now. Its interesting to see the difference between the color balances of the two photos. I prefer yellow toned photos, like most people. Which do you prefer?