Session Details

Newborn sessions are so cute and they seem so easy, like you just lay the baby in the set and poof you get adorable photos. The reality is a little different. These sessions are 2-3 hours long and shot around 10am. The time of day is for 2 reasons; one is that there is more available light in the home, two is 10am starts baby's natural sleep cycle. Most babies are on a 3 hour feeding schedule which means that 10am is sleepy time.

The way these sessions roll is:

• I arrive at your home at 10am.

• I set up the set (This depends on the type of session requested) A backdrop, floor drop, bean bag, bowl with filler or other.

• You get baby naked, keep the diaper on for now and add a bloomer if you don't want naked, swaddle them up and feed them to sleep.

• Once baby is good and asleep, like 10:20, I take baby and pose them on the set. Or if we are doing hand held shots, then moms holds baby and we start shooting.

• We shoot until one of three things happens:

  1. you are comfortable with the shots we've gotten
  2. the baby is fussy and done
  3. we run out of time.

This is why there is a window of 2-3hours. Just in case. And it has happened. Some babies don't like all the movement. The flash doesn't bother them, the movement does. The session is a lot of work for them. They are more stimulated than they are when you just let them sleep.

But, don't worry, they sleep like a log after the session and may even sleep longer than normal.

• The final step is looking at the photos and choosing your favorites for the package you purchased.

~By the way, I do offer in house financing if you want want a giant photo wall but need time to afford it. Ask me about a payment plan.

Style Tip: If you want shot of two hands holding the baby, you need at least two people at the session. It's not something me and mommy can do. I use the camera, two other people hold the baby. We pose over the bean bag or coffee table and you prop your elbows for support. Then Dad, Sister, Wife or older child, other person, holds the other side. If you don't have another person, the shots will be different. Look at some examples below. One set of hands vs. two. Sometimes it can be older siblings or cousins, whoever you want.

One Set of Hand or Two?

Asleep or Awake

Babies do wake up during the sesion.

They stir a little.

They either fall back asleep, or not.

They're cute either way.

Siblings, Bucket and Bowls

I do have sessions where no one holds the baby, so all photos are in a bucket or bowl. There are also sessions where baby is awake and wont pose in the sleeping positions which also end up as held poses or bowl poses.

The age where siblings can hold babies is around 7. If you send your child to fetch your baby, then they are old enough to hold them in photos. If they aren't that old, they can only pose next to the baby or do a supported hold like laying on the floor.

Every session is custom and we flow with baby's needs. If you want children in the photos with baby, these poses need to be done first so that the older children can go somewhere else. The best scenario would be if auntie or grama took the older sibs to the park for the rest of the session. BUT, speaking as a mom of three with no helpers, I know we don't always have the luxury of older children leaving, so we roll with the baby and their needs.

Pricing & Packages


it Happens

When you get babies naked, messes happen. We will continue shooting the scene and then clean up the mess. We do this because this becomes a natural stopping point for baby. They mess and then want to eat. We clean everything, feed baby and change the set.

Set theme

1 custom set per session

Custom sets are available for a fee. This mommy wanted Harry Potter but didn't know where to go from there. She had all the books, I had pots and a few other things. For the things I didn't have she either purchased them or I made them for a fee.

Custom Owned

Buy ahead of time

This little cowboy hat was a gift from mommy's baby shower. You can purchase props online and use them at the session.


Do you have a question?

I try to have all the details listed here but I do forget to add some things. So if you have any questions, just call me. 505-363-3266 or text for quick info.

Do you have props that I can buy?

Yes. I am working on creating a store with custom props that you can keep to decorate your nursery or use at welcome home baby party or any other way. Sometimes mommies just want to keep them as a momento, like a super hero mask or tie. Sometimes we reuse the items as the baby grows, like for their 1st birthday.

What sort of custom sets are available?

Custom sets are anything any item that it takes to make the session look a certain way. For example, say frog baby or pond theme, we would need sphagnum moss and artificial pond plants like dogwood or cat tails, for background decor. Maybe a wood look or dirt floor with foam rock or something for baby to lay on and some green bloomers. All of that would be custom if I don't have it on hand.
Or if you wanted a broncos themed newborn session, we would need a helmet or a football to drape baby over. Dad could wrap his knuckles with tape and make them a little dirty looking with eyeliner and hold baby or maybe even add black under baby's eyes. Or get artificial grass for baby to lay on. We could add chalk lines to the grass or a goal post made of pool noodles or something. I could make cute custom newborn jersey shorts, that would be adorable.
So as you can see, the set would be custom, and have all the things to make it look "football".