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The prints I offer are printed on Fuji Archival paper. They take 2-7 days to receive from my professional lab.

Economy Packs

I do also offer economy lab prices with a service fee for managing printing for you from Costco. These prices are consumer prices, the same you would pay if you did it yourself. For the service I add $30. I don't manage packaging or anything other than cropping and printing settings, I manage the product purchase for you.

Costco is my go to economy lab. I suggest that you purchase your images from there too. you

Digital Image File

Each digital image that you purchase is sized 2400x3600 pixels. That can be printed as an 8x12 @300 dpi photo. You can print larger than that but the quality could suffer. For quality enlargements, please order through me so that I can resize the image appropriately.

If you order a USB or your package comes with a USB it will be 2GB. You can lock the images onto it so that you don't accidentally delete your images. You should also back up your files in two different places.

I suggest, and All three services offer professional quality prints along with image storage. Google, however, is the only one that will allow you to download the image again. The other two just offer prints or disks to retrieve images.

100 year archival quality


The canvas company that I use, over 10 years now, offers the best quality of product that I've seen. Their canvas is mounted so that it is sturdier than a standard stretched fabric canvas. These canvases don't sag with evaporate cooling and they are EASY TO CLEAN. I wet a rag and I wipe it down. That's it! So easy. The amount of water doesnt even matter. These canvases have a varnish on them so the printing isn't affected by moisture. I have a canvas that is 10 years old and it looks brand new.


When I was younger I never understood why photographers preferred canvas and seemed to push it on customers. It wasn't until I printed one for the first time that I understood. The canvas texture is imposed onto the flat picture which makes it come alive. They almost look life like. It also softens the edges, so its not as sharp, which is also more lifelike.

Scouting at UNM

This also shows color balancing between auto and custom.