What would you wear if you were meeting your favorite celebrity, with your GF/BF at your moms house?

You'd probably look good right? Wear that and coordinate with the other people in your session.

You could be dressy or casual or dressy casual. Each has its own look and personality.

If you are making large prints or canvases, would you want to be wearing street wear, slacks or pajamas?

There really isn't a wrong answer. There is only your opinion of how you want to be perceived.

Show your personality.

• Props - I don't keep year number props or "standard" 1990s props. No one really wants that anymore anyway. So instead I suggest personalized props. Are you a lifeguard or a gymnast? Use these items as a prop.

Get a theme going.

What represents you as a person?

Customize your session with signs, colors, clothes, locations, pets, letterman jackets, etc...

• Some people need or want one or two traditional cap and gown headshots. Some already got that from school and just want personality style images. I can do both.

• Emotions & Attitude - How you feel will show in your expressions and poses. If everyone is happy then your images will be happy. If you are worried about your lumps and acne, it will show in your facial expressions. Start your session with snack and happy thoughts and your session will be much better.

• Parents - Allow your child to be themselves and the images will be great. Don't over correct or dictate, just communicate by telling them what you want and what you're willing to pay for. Ask them what they want and compromise.

I tend to joke around a lot which adds to smiles.

• Planning - If you send me example pictures, please also show these to your family. Many times when more than one person is involved in the planning, the other, parent/child/partner has no idea what's going on. Clue them in so that they too are prepared. 


• Sexy or Classy - This can be a fine line for girls and parents. Some girls want to look more adult but parents are used to them looking young. Clothes, posture and attitude will set the tone for your session.

I like to take a mix of images so that there is something for everyone. 

• Clothing Changes - I suggest that you don't but you are welcome to change as often as you want in the amount of time that we have together. My feeling is that it takes time away from your session and your collages could look eclectic instead of classic. I suggest using accessories like scarves, cardigans or jackets that you can start with and then remove them through the session. But you can change 40 times if you want to. ;)

• Quantity of People - Most senior sessions are just about them but some people like to add siblings, parents or grandparents in a few. I'm fine with that. The only limitation to your session is time with me and quantity of images. I do suggest that you limit your entourage to only necessary people. When you have other people there, it will distract your eye. Instead of looking at the lens, you'll be looking at them or worried what they think about how you look. Just avoid the problem and don't bring extra people.

• Senior/Family Session - Some senior sessions function much like a family session. I've done half senior and half family sessions in the past. Some seniors don't have a strong interest yet or simply don't want pictures of it or there's no way to photograph it. And some seniors don't want pictures period and getting 2 shots is a compromise.

So make it a family session and while we are at it, I will get some shots of everyone individually and you can use those as their senior photos.

• What looks terrible everytime? Wrinkles... Did you know that you can wet a cloth and wimp the fabric until its damp and it will hang minus the wrinkles? At home I use an atomizer that I bought at the dollar store. I spray my shirt with water and press it flat with my hand. Wrinkles gone.