Small Weddings

$200 per hour 


"My goal is to cater to the backyard - courtyard - mountain side - small wedding couples who are very under served in the photography community.

Pride weddings, country weddings, dog weddings, biker weddings, bikini in the pool weddings... I love it all! Let's Party!"


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©Portraits by Joy / Joy Weisel SONY DSC


$200 per hour for Outdoor Events

• You receive a minimum of 50 full resolution digital images of all good photos that are captured per hour.

• The quantity varies for each event but there will be a minimum of 50 per hour.

Some events are slow and take the whole hour. Some are very fast, like less than 10 minutes including walking.

• The end product is digital image gallery which you can download from my website with a password. The website has shareable links, an integrated professional lab, commenting, favorites and more. The connected lab is a full service professional lab. They do color corrections, matting and framing, prints, canvas, metal and more, and you control who downloads your images or not. You can share the link and let your family buy prints or you can share the download password and let them have the digitals.

• I will deliver of 5 remarkable images within 24 hours with the rest delivered within 7 days.

• I am available from Sunrise to Sunset, Outdoor only, I don't use flash.

• The agreed upon time block can be added to on the event day if I don't have another wedding/session after you and if it is still daytime. 

• When I say fifty images per hour, I don't mean snap fifty times and I'm done. My goal is quality not quantity.

•I do not use a specific shot list. I document the day, not stage it. During the ceremony I try to capture all of the must haves, like someone walking up the isle, first looks, giving of the ring, first kiss, and walk down the isle, but every event is different and there is no way to guarantee every specific shot because this is life, not a photo set. I will do my best, but please understand that I'm not wonder woman. 

My Method and Style

Every photographer shoots differently. My method at a wedding is busy. I try to document everything. I run around the ceremony to catch different angles. Some photographers only shoot from the back or front to minimize movement. Some offer the option of an assistant to shoot front while they shoot the back. I don't have an assistant. You are welcome to hire a second photographer.


**Here's my 2 cents of advice.**

My advice is, slow down. Enjoy the ceremony, be fully present. Enjoy the party. Eat the food your paid for. This is your day. You're not entertaining people, you're getting married. Enjoy the services that you have paid for and trust your professionals. We've got you.

Most of the event photos are good to look back on in an album. Most of them don't get hung on the wall. Don't stress over these photographs. Only worry about the ones that are most commonly displayed, the posed formal shots after. You can be calm, you smile, you both look good. And if ceremony shots are displayed, they are usually made into a collage with small prints. Most people look at them and say "Yep yep, You look gorgeous, everything is beautiful." 


Deposit, Final Payment, Accidents, Back ups

• $200 deposit will hold one hour on your day and time. Full payment of all hours requested, plus tax, is due 7 days before the event. If full payment is not made, I will open that time to another couple that may be waiting. I will only be accountable for time that is paid for.

• I cannot control the weather or accidents. If I am unable to make it to the wedding due to an accident, I will refund your money. I do have a back up camera but not a back up person to photograph in my absence. If I have a total camera loss during the event, I will refund your money and offer my sincerest apologies.

If you don't really want full coverage of the wedding and you just want couple formals or formal family portraits, then I suggest setting up a portrait session for after the ceremony. It doesn't have to be at the wedding location, but I suggest that its close. Pricing will reflect portrait pricing. Get some great shots of just the two of you or your party for the wall and let your friends take party pics with their phones.

he photos will be developed and corrected for color, brightness, sharpness but will not be retouched. Retouching is $20 per item in the photo. For example; acne removal, tag removal, braces removal, glasses glare removal, body shaping, anything added or removed, cropping, any post production work after the photos have been delivered. 

Prints, Products and Digital Items

If you would like to purchase professional prints of you images through me, either use the store attached to your digital album or place a phone order by calling me. To see products and prices, click on my PDF Pricing Guide here. 

Click here to for Prints and Products PDF

Click here to Purchase

The above links were created for family portraits, but they also work great for Bridal Portraits if you are not wanting event coverage.

Things to consider

• Time of Day and weather play a big role in how your photographs will turn out.

• Your family and friends are not paying me for photographs so they don't consider it a problem to stand in front of my camera.

• Not every venue will give me pretty, even light on your face. Middle of the day-full sun photographs of people are not usually flattering.

•When the sun goes down, I stop shooting. Photography is the study of light. If there is no light, I can't do my job. 

•Bottom line, I don't want to use flash. I just don't like it. You can see that I have done it, and I am moving on. I used to offer studio lighting and the whole bit. I just don't want to mess with it anymore. I want to photograph daylight images only.

If you need help figuring out the best time of day for photography, call and talk with me.

Tips and advice from a photographer, whether you hire me or not.

Tip #1. During the ceremony I suggest that you try to remember to look at the camera lens as you walk back down the isle if that is a picture that you want. Many people want it but they are in the moment of their ceremony, filled with emotion and ... forget.

Which is fine, but I can't give you the shot if you don't almost pose for it.

Tip #2. Stand across from each other instead of shoulder to shoulder. This way guests can see what's happening up there and I can get the photos that you want without having to go up there.  

Let me show you an example of the back vs. the front. This is why I like to shoot the front. Its all smiles.
The back is gorgeous and artistic. The front is all emotion.

2017 Esther & Steven Wedding_04992017 Esther & Steven Wedding_0499 2017 Esther & Steven Wedding_04532017 Esther & Steven Wedding_0453

Tip#3. Both of you should embrace the other. Photos of both people grabbing are so romantic.

Go slow. Kiss forever. Let everyone take a great photograph. I think this picture is the most displayed in a home along with a shot of the rings and the formal poses.

2017 Esther & Steven Wedding_0581 kiss bw2017 Esther & Steven Wedding_0581 kiss bw

Tip #4. If you are comfortable with your friends taking pictures of the ceremony and reception, you could just hire me for an hour to take formal portraits. The session operates just like a portrait session. We meet somewhere(could be at the event or someplace near), take pictures, we sit and review and you purchase your favorites. File delivery is within 7 days.

Then you get all the great shots without the distraction of the event. You could even do the session a day before or after or even a week later, after the honeymoon. The only downside is that wedding days can take on a life of their own. Timing can be tricky, so keep that in mind.

Camera Monkey

If you're still here and this is still more than you want to or can afford or are interested in, then let's do something different. At the bare basic minimum, I am willing to use your camera to take pictures, as long as I can figure out how to use it. I do not guarantee the quality, quantity, or ability of the camera, but you can rely on my skill as a photographer to get good angles, tell you to smile, and how to pose if necessary. 

For time and labor only, I charge $50 per hour. That is just me and my skill. You provide everything else. When I walk away from the party, I leave it all with you to sort, edit, print and enjoy. I will add that most consumer models of cameras have gotten pretty good at making nice images. 

This deal is especially great if you are a photographer and you just need a monkey for your camera. I photograph in manual all the time, so I think I can handle your gear too... wink ;}  Although, I do shoot Sony, so the leftward zoom on all other brand of lenses kinda throws me off for a little bit, but no worries it doesn't usually last long.

If you have a wedding outside of the city limits, there is an additional cost for traveling. Please call for details.

My Wedding Story

I was a backyard bride.

I didn't really want all the photos that every one said that I needed. I didn't do all the decor stuff. I didn't have a veil or boquet. I held a mask on a stick because I wanted a masquerade wedding, but I didn't have $10,000 to spend on just the location. We spent our money making our backyard look great. My dress was converted prom dress that cost me $100. My husband wore jeans and a button down shirt. I made the invitations and my soon to be husband, built us a pergola for the ceremony. My sister made mixed music disks to play in the stereo and played DJ for the ceremony music. We ordered pizza and Hooter's hot wings. The guys at the party were thrilled. One even told me that it was the best wedding he had ever been to. It was just a backyard party and we loved it.

This was 2004. The internet was barely a thing back then. It was the same year Facebook started. We still used the phone book, window flyers and friends of friends recommendations to hire people. Skype, myspace and flip phones were common.

I asked a friend, who was into photography but not a wedding photographer, to take some photos of the party, as a guest, while he was there. He asked what pictures I wanted. I said, "Whatever... just some photos as you see fit. Maybe some of ceremony and some of the people." I had no idea what camera he had or how photographers took photos or why any of it was important. I was 26. I figured - camera, party, pictures - period. I never researched it, I didn't care to. I didn't even think about it. I enjoyed photography and art. I loved taking pictures at parties. I always had a disposable camera in hand and I was always catching flack from friends about taking candid photos. I did crazy selfies when they were just party tricks. I made scrapbooks of all the weird photos that I took. But I didn't add this thinking to my wedding. I didn't think of asking everyone to use a disposable camera to take pictures. I thought of my friend that did it as a hobby.
He was a fine art photographer. His camera was an older film model.
I thought that was great, I love fine art photography. Back then I had no idea that the two styles were totally opposite. Fine art is planning and strategy, weddings are fast and documentary.

When my mom found out what my photography plan was, she was in shock and went a bit crazy. She bought all of the film in the store, color and b&w. I think it was around $125 in rolls. The day of the ceremony I showed my friend the film in our fridge, he said. "Whoa." I said, "I know... just keep the unused rolls as a thank you. I know my mom went nuts." I really just wanted some pictures of the evening. I didn't really care what was in them. He actually took the task more seriously than I did. He did a great job and I love them. I appreciate him and his photographs. 

Its now current day, 17 years later and my goal is to fill the photographer roll for someone else.

My goal is to cater to the backyard brides like myself.



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