Wedding & Engagement


Did You Elope?

If you eloped and just want gorgeous couples photos in your tux and dress, we can do that. Just purchase a portrait session package and let me know when I call you to discuss the session location and details.

What is included?

Each package includes:
• Digital images sized 2400x3600px
• 50-100 Digital Images per hour on USB in an gorgeous archival box
• A phone app just for your event with online gallery and store.

I will retouch images as I process them to make your photographs as lovely as possible.

Added retouching is available.

How do you photograph weddings? What is your style?

I walk around a ceremony and get shots of both the front and the back. I don't have a second photographer.
I do have long lenses for getting details and I have a backup camera and lenses. I do play director if needed and I'm usually right in front of you the whole time. You may see me just as much as your spouse through the day. I am not sitting in the back or hiding where you can't find me. I treat weddings very similar to a portrait session. You hired me to take photos of you and that is what I do. I try to be as quiet as possible during the ceremony, but movement makes sound. If needed, I will make a sound and ask for you to pose for the shot and then move on. I try to be as quiet as possible but I need some wiggle room for me to get pretty photos.

Do you have a question?

Call me... text me... lol

What do you wear?

I add this because some brides don't think about it and I have heard comments about other photographers work clothes. My sister was flabbergasted and mortified, yes, that people wore black to her whimsical, pastel color wedding.
Photographers wear black, usually. We do that so that your eyes relax when you are looking at us for the photo. It gives your eyes a dark resting spot so that they can relax. Your face muscles relax and you look better. Please don't be offended that I wear black to your wedding. I do it for you. One small gift lol
On the serious side, I wear black dress slacks, black dressyish rubber bottom work mary janes, I will wear my wingtips if you have a dancehall rockabilly sock hop wedding, wink, and a dressy casual blouse. If you have certain patterns that you don't like, let me know. If you have a clothing request for the bridal party workers, let me know. If I know the color theme of your wedding, I usually try to match so that I don't stand out in guest photos.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, contact me for a quote.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

If my time is still available, yes. Payment is due before the service.

What products are avilable?

Since I am a portrait photographer mostly, I like to sell wall art. Canvases and Framed Art for the wall.
I can order anything if want something specific.
Albums, books, gift prints, wallet books for your purse, dog tags, keychains, ornaments, thank you cards, announcements, and magazines. There are also products available in your client gallery store. They have even more options for frames or bamboo mounts and items that I don't sell in my catalog.
Check out the example client gallery. The link is in the menu. Pretend to purchase a print so you can see all the product options that pop up.

Other Bridal Sessions:

Bridal Boudoir

These make great gifts for lovers. A session of you being seductive, removing clothes, posing provocatively. You can wear lingerie or your wedding outfit and veil and take it off piece by piece. We stop removing clothes at whatever point you are comfortable.

The associated products are books, dog tags, wallet books or "Hiding in plain sight" wall art and they are packaged as a gift for the wedding night or the eve.

Bridal Portraits

Portraits of you, all dolled up in full make up, your dress and veil. These can be done outdoor or indoor, before or after the wedding day.

Another option, TRASH THE DRESS sessions are equally awesome. Mud puddle? Motercycle around trees and bushes? Maybe tug of war or hugs with the dog on grass? Tux and Dress cake fight?

Couples Intimate

Photos of couples doing couple things. o.o

Caresses, kisses, hugs, cuddles, seductive eyes.

Photos of your affection for each other.

Not photos of "coupling". lol

Wear pjs or lingerie, get some new white sheets.


Engagement sessions can be done either after you propose or during the session.

I don't include engagement session is the wedding packages because lots of life can happen between engagements and weddings. People move or break up or don't want one. It works best for my business to do them separately.